do you know how It’s frighting me what you say: about Women, Fear and Transmission


    Reflection on 36 war, post–war, dictatorship and the transition involves a difficult challenge. It means a complex and devastating event for humanity that has been indelibly inscribed as a wound difficult heal the subjectivity of those who lived in the first person, and their descendants.

    In our work with groups we impulse structure and function of the original “life group”, through the restitute formulated from word and reflection groups, that recognize Freud’s link between groups and subject.

    In the group we are presenting, the inner dynamics led to a reflection tied to gender. Women who have not resigned to their experiences disappear, which vindicate to break silenced memory character and resignify on personal and collective, trying to heal the present.

    The analysis of the coordinators of this group shows how trauma subways are an expression of transgenerational trauma and discrimination suffered by women shared.

    The professionals involved in these groups have an ethical responsibility that can only be accomplished if we know from what position we are listening.


    Word and reflection group, life groups, women, repression, trauma, invisibility, fear, silence, psychoanalysts.



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